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Made in China car suspension control arm for chery

Short Description:

As the guiding and force transmission element of the automobile suspension system, the automobile control arm transmits various forces acting on the wheels to the body, while ensuring that the wheels move according to a certain trajectory.

Product Detail

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Product name Control arm
Country of origin China
Package Chery packaging, neutral packaging or your own packaging
Warranty 1 year
MOQ 10 sets
Application Chery car parts
Sample order support
port Any Chinese port,wuhu or shanghai is best
Supply Capacity 30000sets/months

The car control arm connects the wheel and the car body elastically through a ball hinge or a bushing respectively. The automobile control arm (including the bushing and ball head connected to it) should have sufficient rigidity, strength and service life.

Q1.I could not meet your MOQ/I want to try your products in a small quantity before bulk orders.
A: Please send us an inquiry list with OEM and quantity. We will check if we have the products in stock or in production.


Suspension system is an important part of modern vehicles, which has a great impact on vehicle ride comfort and handling stability. As the guiding and force transmitting element of the vehicle suspension system, the vehicle control arm (also known as swing arm) transmits various forces acting on the wheels to the vehicle body, and ensures that the wheels move according to a certain track. The vehicle control arm elastically connects the wheel and the vehicle body through ball joints or bushings. The vehicle control arm (including the bushing and ball joint connected with it) shall have sufficient stiffness, strength and service life.

Structure of automobile control arm
1. Stabilizer link
When the suspension is installed, one end of the stabilizer bar link is connected with the transverse stabilizer bar through the rubber bushing, and the other end is connected with the control arm or cylindrical shock absorber through the rubber bushing or ball joint. The transverse stabilizer bar link is used symmetrically in the home selection, which can improve the operation stability.
2. Tie rod
During suspension installation, the rubber bushing at one end of the tie rod is connected with the frame or vehicle body, and the rubber bushing at the other section is connected with the wheel hub. This kind of control arm is mostly applied to the tie rod of automobile multi link suspension and steering system. It mainly bears the transverse load and guides the wheel movement at the same time.
3. Longitudinal tie rod
The longitudinal tie rod is mostly used for drag suspension to transfer traction and braking force. Figure 7 shows the structure of the longitudinal tie rod. The arm body 2 is formed by stamping. The outer tubes of rubber bushings 1, 3 and 4 are welded with arm body 2. The rubber bushing 1 is installed at the stressed part in the middle of the vehicle body, the rubber bushing 4 is connected with the wheel hub, and the rubber bushing 3 is installed at the lower end of the shock absorber to support and shock absorption.
4. Single control arm
This kind of vehicle control arm is mostly used in multi link suspension. Two single control arms are used together to transfer the transverse and longitudinal loads from the wheels.
5. Fork (V) arm
This kind of automobile control arm is mostly used for the upper and lower arms of double wishbone independent suspension and the lower arm of McPherson suspension. The fork structure of the arm body mainly transmits transverse load.

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