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Auto parts plastic car door handle for Chery

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Product name Chery car door handle
Country of origin China
Package Chery packaging, neutral packaging or your own packaging
Warranty 1 year
MOQ 10 sets
Application Chery car parts
Sample order support
port Any Chinese port,wuhu or shanghai is best
Supply Capacity 30000sets/months

I don’t know if you have found that those methods of vehicle positioning with the help of other references will inevitably have great limitations in actual vehicle life. In fact, with the help of some parts of the vehicle itself, they can achieve similar or even better effects, such as the door handle that usually looks insignificant. Let’s take a look at the three hidden functions of the car door handle introduced by the old driver. After the novice learns it, it can effectively improve the driving technology and vehicle safety.
First, assist in adjusting the angle of rear-view mirrors on both sides of the vehicle. When we adjust the left rear-view mirror, when we sit in the driver’s seat, the body should occupy about one quarter of the area on the right side of the rear-view mirror, and the distant horizon should be just in the middle of the longitudinal axis of the rear-view mirror. At this time, when we look from the rear-view mirror, the handle of the left front door is just in the lower right corner of the rear-view mirror. When adjusting the rear-view mirror, the body occupies one quarter of its left side, in which the sky should occupy one third of the field of vision and the ground should occupy the remaining two-thirds. At this time, the handle of the front door on the right side is located in the lower left corner of the right rear-view mirror.
Second, help judge the distance between the rear of the car and the rear kerb when reversing. When reversing, pay attention to the rear-view mirror on the left side of the vehicle. When you sit in the driver’s seat and look over, the door handle of the front door on the left side of the vehicle just overlaps the low end of the rear kerb. At this time, the distance between the rear of the vehicle and the edge of the road is about one meter. For the hatchback model with trunk, this distance will be closer, At the same time, there will be some differences according to the specific size of the body. You can get more accurate results by actually testing your own car.
Third, when parking on the side, it can be used as a reference for judging the distance between and roadside kerbs. I believe that side parking is a difficult operation for many friends, especially when parking at the side of the road. If the distance is too far, it will affect the passage of other vehicles and pedestrians. If you want to park closer, you are afraid of scratching tires and wheels due to improper operation. In fact, the rear-view mirror and door handle can also be used for positioning at this time. When we pull over, pay attention to the left rear-view mirror. When we see that the handles of the front and rear doors are flush with the outer edge line of the road teeth and look like in a straight line, when we get out of the car and observe, we can find that the body and the roadside are also parallel, And the distance between the wheel and the road teeth is about 20 cm, which can be regarded as a very standard side parking.

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