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Auto Spare Parts Universal Car H4 Led Headlight

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Car LED lights, car lights mainly play the role of illumination and signal. The light emitted by the lamp can illuminate the road conditions in front of the car body, so that the driver can drive safely in the dark.

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Product name LED Headlight
Country of origin China
OE number H4 H7 H3
Package Chery packaging, neutral packaging or your own packaging
Warranty 1 year
MOQ 10 sets
Application Chery car parts
Sample order support
port Any Chinese port,wuhu or shanghai is best
Supply Capacity 30000sets/months

Headlamp refers to the lighting device installed on both sides of the vehicle head and used for driving roads at night. There are two lamp system and four lamp system. The lighting effect of headlamps directly affects the operation and traffic safety of driving at night. Therefore, traffic management departments all over the world generally stipulate the lighting standards of automobile headlamps in the form of laws to ensure the safety of driving at night.
1. Requirements for headlamp illumination distance
In order to ensure driving safety, the driver shall be able to identify any obstacles on the road within 100m in front of the vehicle. It is required that the lighting distance of vehicle high beam lamp shall be greater than 100m. The data is based on the speed of the car. With the improvement of modern automobile driving speed, the requirement of lighting distance will increase. The lighting distance of automobile low beam lamp is about 50m. The location requirements are mainly to illuminate the whole section of the road within the lighting distance and not deviate from the two points of the road.
2. Anti glare requirements of headlamp
The automobile headlamp shall be equipped with anti glare device to avoid dazzling the driver of the opposite car at night and causing traffic accidents. When two vehicles meet at night, the beam tilts downward to illuminate the road within 50m in front of the vehicle, so as to avoid dazzle of oncoming drivers.
3. Requirements for luminous intensity of headlamp
The luminous intensity of the high beam of in use vehicles is: two lamp system not less than 15000 CD (candela), four lamp system not less than 12000 CD (candela); the luminous intensity of the high beam of newly registered vehicles is: two lamp system not less than 18000 CD (candela), four lamp system not less than 15000 CD (candela).
With the rapid development of vehicles, some countries began to try out the three beam system. The three beam system is high-speed high beam, high-speed low beam and low beam. When driving on the expressway, use high-speed high beam; Use the high-speed low beam when driving on the road without oncoming vehicles or when meeting on the highway. Use the low beam when there are oncoming vehicles and urban operation.

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