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Spare parts brake drum for chery tiggo spare parts

Short Description:

The basic shape of the brake drum is drum-shaped, with connecting holes on the mounting surface. The working surface of the brake drum is generally finished with the bearing hole positioning after being assembled with the wheel hub.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product name Brake drum
Country of origin China
Package Chery packaging, neutral packaging or your own packaging
Warranty 1 year
MOQ 10 sets
Application Chery car parts
Sample order support
port Any Chinese port,wuhu or shanghai is best
Supply Capacity 30000sets/months

Chery tiggo fender accessories belong to Chery tiggo braking, wheel and tire braking system. They are a series of special devices on the vehicle to make the outside world (mainly the road) exert a certain force on some parts of the vehicle (mainly the wheels), so as to carry out a certain degree of forced braking. The main accessories include front brake pad, front shock absorber, rear brake pad, steel ring, ABS pump and rear axle, ABS sensor, parking brake cable, front spring, rear brake cylinder, rear spring, ball cage cover, front shock absorber buffer block, hand brake pad, frame front shock absorber dust cover, half shaft oil seal, front stabilizer rod small connecting rod, front shock absorber dust cover, rear brake drum, front brake cylinder, front shock absorber, rear lower arm, front brake pad, rear shock absorber, lower arm rubber cover, front brake cylinder, Rear wheel axle head, lower arm ball joint, brake light switch, rear brake pad, front brake pad, rear brake disc, front shock absorber bearing, ABS rear wheel sensor, wheelhouse, rear wheel hub cage sleeve, spare wheel cover, rear brake disc, tire pressure sensor, front knuckle, lower limb arm ball joint, front wheel axle head, front lower arm ball joint, rear wheel hub, front wheel fender, front steering knuckle, front stabilizer bar rubber sleeve, Front upper swing arm, rear shock absorber core, etc.
The function of Chery tiggo braking system is to make the moving car slow down or even stop forcibly according to the driver’s requirements; Make the stopped vehicle park stably under various road conditions (including on the ramp); Keep the speed of cars traveling downhill stable. The braking effect on Chery tiggo automobile can only be the external forces acting on the automobile in the opposite direction to the driving direction of the automobile, and the magnitude of these external forces is random and uncontrollable. Therefore, a series of special devices must be installed on the automobile to realize the above functions.
Functions of installing Chery tiggo fender accessories: 1. The main function is to prevent some soil from splashing on the body or people, resulting in unsightly body or people. 2. It can prevent the soil from splashing on the pull rod and ball joint, resulting in premature rust.

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