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Factory Promotional Chery Tiggo Auto Parts - TOOLS for FORA – Qingzhi

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Factory Promotional Chery Tiggo Auto Parts - TOOLS for FORA – Qingzhi Detail:

1 A11-3900107 WRENCH
2 B11-3900020 JACK
3 B11-3900030 HANDLE ASSY – ROCKER
5 B11-3900103 WRENCH – WHEEL
6 A11-3900105 DRIVER ASSY
7 A21-3900010 TOOL ASSY

Special tools:
1. Spark plug sleeve: it is a special tool for manual disassembly and assembly of spark plug. When in use, spark plug sleeves with different heights and radial dimensions are selected according to the assembly position of spark plug and the size of hexagon of spark plug.
2. Puller: detachable pulley, gear, bearing and other round workpieces in automobile.
3. Lift: also known as lift, automobile lift is a kind of automobile maintenance equipment used in automobile maintenance industry. It is indispensable for vehicle overhaul or minor repair and maintenance. The lifting machine is divided into single column, double column, four column and scissor type according to its function and shape.
4. Ball joint extractor: a special tool for disassembling automobile ball joints,

5. There are special tools for removing the general oil filter and special oil filter
6. Shock absorber spring compressor: it is used when replacing shock absorber. Clamp the spring at both ends and retract it inward
4. Disassembly tool of oxygen sensor: a special tool like spark plug sleeve, with long groove on the side.
7. Engine crane: this kind of machine will be your capable, safe and reliable assistant when you need to lift a larger weight or an automobile engine
8. Disc brake cylinder adjuster: it is used for the top pressure operation of the brake piston of various models, pressing back the brake piston, adjusting the brake pump and replacing the brake pad. The operation is convenient and simple. It is a necessary special tool for auto repair in the auto repair factory.
9. Valve spring unloading pliers: valve spring unloading pliers are used for loading and unloading valve springs. When in use, retract the jaw to the minimum position, insert it under the valve spring seat, and then rotate the handle. Press the left palm forward firmly to make the jaw close to the spring seat. After loading and unloading the air lock (PIN), rotate the valve spring loading and unloading handle in the opposite direction and take out the loading and unloading pliers.
10. Tire dynamic balancer: wheel imbalance will cause vibration, reduce vehicle adhesion, wheel runout, and damage the shock absorber and its steering parts. Wheel balancing can eliminate the vibration of the tire or reduce it to the allowable range, so as to avoid the adverse effects and damage caused by it.
11. Four wheel alignment instrument: the automobile four wheel alignment instrument is used to detect the automobile wheel alignment parameters, compare them with the original design parameters, and guide the user to adjust the wheel alignment parameters accordingly to make them meet the original design requirements, so as to achieve the ideal automobile driving performance, that is, it is a precision measuring instrument with light operation, stable and reliable driving and reducing tire eccentric wear.

12. Automobile air conditioning pressure gauge: the air conditioning system is a closed system. We can’t see or touch the state change of refrigerant in the system. Once a fault occurs, there is often nowhere to start, so in order to judge the working state of the system, we must use an instrument – pressure gauge group. For air conditioning maintenance personnel, the pressure gauge group is equivalent to a doctor’s stethoscope and X-ray fluoroscopy machine. This tool can give maintenance personnel insight into the internal situation of the equipment, as if it provides valuable information that is helpful to diagnose the disease. The pressure gauge group has many uses. It can be used to check the system pressure, fill the system with refrigerant, vacuum, fill the system with lubricating oil, etc.
13. Tire remover: also known as tire raking machine, tire disassembly machine. So that the tire can be disassembled more conveniently and smoothly in the process of automobile maintenance. At present, there are many kinds of tire removers, including pneumatic type and hydraulic type. The most commonly used is the pneumatic tire remover.

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